Teeth Whitening in Frisco

A dazzling smile can light up a room and make people take notice. Don’t let dark or discolored teeth stand in the way of sharing your smile with the world. You can schedule a Zoom! Advanced teeth whitening session with Dr. Davis in our Frisco office. Zoom! Whitening combines a powerful bleaching gel and ultraviolet light to brighten your teeth in about an hour, while you relax and listen to music or watch your favorite movie.
Some patients prefer take-home trays for teeth whitening. Simply wear the custom trays each night for a couple of weeks. Your smile will attain the same level of brightness as is gained with in-office whitening. Home teeth whitening kits can indefinitely maintain the results of your in-office teeth whitening.
If you are considering teeth whitening in the Celina, Prosper, and Aubrey areas, please call our Frisco office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Davis.

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