Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, dentists filled cavities with dark, mercury (silver) amalgams. Over time, large amalgam fillings can break down allowing new decay to leak underneath.  Furthermore, teeth filled with amalgam are at a higher risk for fracture due to expansion and contraction of the metal.  Consequently, Dr. Davis only places only composite fillings, because they provide a strong, safe, and more natural-looking repair.

Tooth-colored fillings are bonded to the teeth and shaded to match your natural tooth color. After treatment, no one will even notice that you’ve had teeth filled. You will even have trouble finding the fillings! If you need a cavity fixed or have old mercury fillings to replace, let Dr. Davis show you what tooth-colored fillings can do for your smile.

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For some teeth, there is a need for a more extensive restoration than a filling, yet it is desired to maintain a large portion of healthy tooth structure.  This is a scenerio where an onlay may be recommended.  Onlays restore the part of the tooth damaged by decay, fracture, or excessive wear leaving much of the remaining healthy tooth structure in tact.  Dr. Davis will determine if restoring your teeth with onlays is right for you.

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