Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth’s root is injured or infected, Dr. Davis may suggest a root canal to save the tooth from extraction. Extensive tooth decay or a major trauma can cause serious damage to the nerve inside a tooth. A damaged nerve will die, leaving the internal tooth canal ripe for infection. During a root canal, Dr. Davis cleans out the dead nerve and any infection, fills the canal with an biocompatible filling material, and then seals the tooth, often with a crown.

Many people avoid root canal treatment because they fear a painful experience, but discomfort usually stems from infection in the tooth.  The secret to any pain-free dental procedure is profound local anesthesia or numbness.  Dr. Davis uses the most gental yet reliable techniques to ensure the most comfort of his patients.  Once Dr. Davis removes the diseased tissue, patients actually feel better. The alternative to root canal therapy is tooth extraction.  

Our Frisco office serves residents from Celina, Prosper, Aubrey, and beyond with exceptional care and service. Learn more aboutroot canals in our patient library, and then call to schedule an appointment so that Dr. Davis can relieve your pain.

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